Like many traditions, this one too has it’s basis in scientific reasoning. My¬†grandmotherwould squash a whole onion with the palm of her hand and add it to our plates in¬†summers. Fondly called ‘mukka pyaz’, it was meant to keep us cool in this scorching heat. Biji (grandmom) wasn’t wrong. Besides […]

Benefits of onion which keeps doctor away

The eggplant, also known as aubergine, garden egg, guinea squash, melongene, and brinjal, is usually distinguishable by its signature egg-like shape and vibrant purple color. Although the dark purple version of eggplants is best known, they actually come in a variety of shapes and colors from small and oblong to […]

Eggplant Or Brinjal : Health Benefits and Nutritional Information

The cryptocurrency has had a tumultuous existence so far. Even the most tech savvy among us have a hard time wrapping their heads around Bitcoin. It’s a hot topic and a frequent point of discussion among investors, entrepreneurs and stock traders, so you should want to know all about it. […]

11 Things You Need to Know About Bitcoin

The scientists first discovered a fish to look at its prey and find out what it thinks about it. Japan’s National Institute of Genetics researcher Koichi Kawakami and his colleagues developed a very sensitive fluorescence probe to detect the neural activity of live fish. Given nerve signals, it will help […]

Scientists Discovered,what fish think when they see their Prey for ...

If you ever google depression. You will get more search results     If you search depression on google you seen something new .Now search engine will feature a gold standard questionnaire, which is created in partnership with the National alliance on Mental Illness ,that will help the users of […]

What happens When You Google ‘Depression’

GLASGOW: Olympic silver medalist PV Sindhu assured India of a silver medal after reaching the final of the World Championship with a straight game win over World No 10 Chen Yufei in women’s singles, here on Saturday. After compatriot Saina Nehwal settled for a bronze, following her heart-breaking loss to […]

PV Sindhu beats Chen Yufei to storm into final in ...

One of the biggest honor for any actor is to be acknowledged by a National Film Award for his contributions to Indian cinema. Each year we see some very talented cinema folks taking home this very prestigious recognition and the other popular awards are deemed to be just worth show […]

10 Bollywood Actors Who Have Never Won A National Film ...