10 Bollywood Actors Who Have Never Won A National Film Award

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One of the biggest honor for any actor is to be acknowledged by a National Film Award for his contributions to Indian cinema. Each year we see some very talented cinema folks taking home this very prestigious recognition and the other popular awards are deemed to be just worth show pieces on the shelf in front of this one.

Shah Rukh Khan recently came out and said that he has never done anything to deserve a National Film Award but despite that the fact is shocking. There are so many big names from our film fraternity that have already won a National Film Award or two for their great work in the field of cinema, here is a list of those mega star who have not, despite their years of hard work and some amazing films!

1. Rajesh Khanna

He might be India’s first mega star but the actor despite giving Bollywood some memorable performances never made the cut for the awards.

2. Rishi Kapoor


The very talented Kapoor actor has been immensely popular but never enough for a National Award it seems.

3. Amrish Puri

The Mogambo of Bollywood is remembered for many things but National Award is not one of them.


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4. Salman Khan

Bollywood’s bhai jaan is making hundreds of crores with his movies but sadly not worthy of a National Award.

5. Dharmendra

One of the biggest stars of his times, we remember him for so many roles but could never win a this recognition

6. Shah Rukh Khan


He recently said that he has never done anything to worthy of a National Award but yet the fact is very shocking

7. Hrithik Roshan


Hrithik has been in the industry for a while and has delivered some memorable performances but they were not enough it seems.

8. Dev Anand


Even Dev Shaab never got lucky with a National Award.

9. Akshay Kumar

Akshay’s films are very much talked about and he has been a total entertainer but not good enough for winning a National Award .

10. Govinda


We have laughed our hearts out in his films but he never saw him make it to these awards.


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