A Lot of Things Will Stop A New Message of Yogi Adityanath To Lucknow

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The new government is also expected to crack down on illegal slaughterhouses and large, mechanised abattoirs that the party had pledged in its manifesto and a point that BJP chief Amit Shah had stressed during election campaigning. On Monday, Deputy Chief Minister KP Maurya had promised a decision on this issue would be taken “soon”. But later Cabinet Mininster Siddharth Nath Singh told NDTV that action would only be taken against illegal slaughterhouses.

In his speech in Parliament, Mr Adityanath did not address the swirling speculation around how far the government would go. But the Chief Minister made it clear that a lot was going to change in the state.

“Aap dekhte rahiye… Wahan par bahut kuch band hone jaa raha hai (You keep watching… A lot is going to stop there),” he said.

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Promising to put an end to riots in the state, Mr Adityanath who has been seen as the BJP’s Hindutva mascot said there hadn’t been a riot in Gorakhpur in the last five years though Uttar Pradesh had 403 such incidents.

It is not clear where he got the figure from. According to Home Ministry statistics given to the Lok Sabha in February, there were 450 communal incidents in Uttar Pradesh over the last three years alone.

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