Breaking News : Yogi Adityanath took a big decision for farmers. 

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In election manifesto BJP promises to farmers to waived their loans. Now yogi  government took his path on that way. And for Complete the promise state government took the loan. For the planning of that the Cheif Minister yogi  Aditya Nath was  doing constantly discussion with officers.

And Now he has to decided that for the waiving of loan of farmers the state government took the loans.

According to his instructions the finance minister Rajesh aggarwal takes the meetings for the agenda of  food security loan . Another side Cheif Minister also took some meetings with home minister, police and education and gave some instructions for that.

Government decides that the waived loan of farmers were dues by the banks. Although the seventh pay commission has causes the state government about 25 billion per year additional burden on the implementation of the recommendations.

At the same time, there are many such commitments of the state government, seen in the public welfare in lok kalyan  sankalp  patra – 2007,which contain huge financial challenges for the government. Yet, BJP Government has taken the initiative to fulfill the promises of resolution paper – 2013.

After that. Many proposals have placed in front of chief minister yogi  adityanath to manage such a huge amount.

Official Spokesperson says that the assistance received from the transfer-to-state item under the grant-number-32 of the Central Finance Ministry and loan taken by the state government is the key. However, under the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act (FRBM) Act, the limit for the loan taken by the State Government is fixed in each financial year.

Now to see that how much beneficiary the farmers is and how yogi  adityanath gives relives to farmers. Hoping for their debt waiver.

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