CM yogi has announced the 7 big announcements for UP

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After Becoming Cheif Minister Of UP महंत योगी अदित्यनाथ are working to new changes in UP. For that subsequently he has 7 major announcement. After that he wins over the public and also are proving to quite more effective. His work also appreciated at national level. Let us know what the announcements are :-

  1. CM yogi says that till 15 june all roads are free from pits. Today I told PWD to free the roads from pits from 15 june.
  2. For farmers about food security, we have sent a team for farmers, we have planned for farmers.
  3. He said ‘we will not tolerate corruption any corrupted seat will be fired. We will work for the development of the state.

  4. For the development he says we will work with prime minister on the slogan of the development.
  5. For the Travellers of kailash Mansarovar he says we have good news for all who interested to go there and who were healthy we have to help them from one lakh rupees. Lucknow, ghaziabad, or Noida. Any one of these cuties we have to build a मनसारोवर  भवन by this the traveller continues the journey.
  6. For the security purpose of girls he says.. I have many calls from my mothers And sisters. They told me that girls quiet there school because they harrashed. We told the police that they have to strict focus on that and we have launched anti squad he says if a girl walk on the street at 12 he feel secured. He says for lovers that if a girl was sit or walk with his own will then do not disturb them. But  you see if any harrashment at any school colleges or any public place you have to take strict action.
  7. He says for illegal slaughters (बूचड़खाने ). NGT says several times to previous government that you have to remove that.. The slaughters (बूचड़खाने) which creates pollution and make unhealthy environment were removed. We work with NGT.

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