Golden Opportunity For India. The Popularity Of Narendra Modi

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MODI will not let  go to waste that historical opportunity ,there the forecasts promises are good. That  was best shown in his clarion call to party workers  and BJP workers to “bend down” with humility in the wake of this tremendous victory and shun arrogance and hubris.

This message the one needs to grasped by the BJP leadership but this is not easy _especially now when they see,first time in an independent india, prospect remaining clearly in office at least a decade .

To preventing alienation and disenchantment from setting in Humility is necessary.  sentiments does not take long while  to fester, and BJP president Amit Shah will have to pass on the Prime Minister’s message to his party colleagues.

Narendra Modi reached out to ordinary people, asking them to take a pledge for the transformation of India under 2022 and make developed people’s movement. that attitude is the huge shift from the past feudal political leaders.

Modi’s exhortation to both party members and common citizens to work towards India’s rapid transformation is reminiscent of Mahatma Gandhi’s call to persevere in the fight for independence.

IN the name of Modi India has a person or leader who has bold vision who backs with tireless energy and demands the bureaccuracy.

It knows that Modi is likely to be in power until 2024, and response positively his agenda for efficient transparent and more accountable governance?

Modi may consider much-needed administrative reforms to the incentive structure for senior bureaucrats and link it more tightly with performance and merit. Only then will the current pace of development persist beyond his tenure. Having effectively secured a mandate for two terms, Modi would do well to start the process now so that results can accrue in his next term. Achieving the Vision 2022 goals that he outlined in his victory speech will require it.

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Uttar Pradesh voters have backed Modi in the hope that their state will catch up with the rest of the country. One important difference between Uttar Pradesh and other states is its size, geographical spread, extreme regional diversity and large population – which all make for dysfunctional governance.

So the next BJP chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, the controversial BJP national parliamentarian Yogi Adityanath , should be the last chief minister of a unified state. The BJP has in the past shown its preference for smaller states. With his majority in India’s national parliamentModi is well placed to make this much-needed change. Four smaller states will be far more conducive to good governance. As Modi said himself, only when Uttar Pradesh moves will India’s progress be assured. Dividing the state into four is perhaps a necessary condition for this critical forward movement.

Rajiv Kumar is Founding Director of the Pahle India Foundation. An earlier version of this article appeared in India’s Mail Today. This article is part of a series from East Asia Forum in the Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University.

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