Google Doodle joins in Nowruz 2017 celebrations

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GOOGLE joins in the Persian New Year celebrations on March 21, with a beautiful animated, doodle. On this day known as Nowruz that literally translates to New Day, people of different ethnic-linguistic affiliations across the world come together to celebrate the beginning of spring.

Parsi communities everywhere celebrate the day as Jamshed Navroz, which falls on the first day of the first month of Fasli calendar. It also marks the first day of Zoroastrian faith’s Shaheshai calendar. The festival also marks the commencement of the season of spring in the northern hemisphere and indeed in accordance, the celebrations are vibrant and colourful.

Mostly celebrated with vigour in the Middle East, Balkans, Western and Central Asia, Nowruz is a public holiday in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan etc. The colourful festival celebrates renewal, replenishment and rebirth and apparently begins exactly at the moment of Vernal Equinox or the beginning of spring.

Traditionally, the festivities sees people spending time with their family members and loved ones and indulging in Haft Seen-a decorative table-top spread of seven items symbolically displayed at the beginning of the New Year. This is followed by an exchange of pleasantries, greetings and gifts. The customary sumptuous dinner or lunch spread during this time includes Sabzi Polo Mahi or herbed rice with fish.

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