Heart Attack :- Symptoms And Early Signs For Preventing Heart Attack. 

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HEART ATTACK :- Symptoms And Early Signs For Preventing Heart Attack.

 According to the research. Today heart attack is on the rank 1 in disease which kills both men and women in the world. Mainly heart attack occurs because of less blood flow to the heart muscle depriving the heart muscle with the necessary oxygen it needs for functioning. A heart attack is fatal when it occurs therefore it’s very important for instant recognition and treatment.

Basically there were various symptoms to heart attack. Ok lets start and find out about these symptoms before its too late.

Prevention is always better than cure.

The wisest step is acting quickly when these symptoms occur which usually lasts for 5 – 10 minutes.

    1.  Chest pain:- A common sign of heart attack where the chest tightens and squeezes, feels like something  standing on chest


  1. Arm pain:-The pain in the chest travels down to the left arm mostly and to the shoulders then to the wrist and fingers

  2. Fatigue :- getting tired with doing little things, getting worn out from daily routine a heavy chest without exertion.

  3. Cold Sweats :-Sudden sweating without stress coupled with a cold clammy feeling and breathlessness without exertion  

  4. Neck, Jaw and Back Pain :-Sudden pain signals the heart condition in the lower or upper back without exertion and pain in the jaws.

  5. Indigestion or HeartBurns :- A belching and burping feeling of indigestion along with a heart burning sensation.

  6. Heart Palpitation:- Either your hearts normal rhythm is skipping a beat or it may be pounding and throbbing very fast.

  7. Dizzines :-, A feeling of passing out or falling if standing or overexerting oneself

  8. Shortness of breath :- Breathing and heart pumping are closely related. Heart not pumping blood well creates shortness of breath.


If someone having these type of signs or symptoms call emergency service immediate or rush the patient to hospital without getting delay


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