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Lozaar times is the digital media part of Lozaar, here lozaar team try to provide some relevant article and news, which is written or updated by Lozaar authors. Lozaartimes focus to make a digital platform for personal thought of Lozaarians or non-lozaarians. At this platform anybody can get publish their personal thought or article under our privacy. Currently we have these categories:-



Lozaartimes aim to provide all types of sort news in form of digital media,which is available anytime anywhere, Lozaar author try to find some relevant topics according to the current environment of digital world. We do not completely acquired the copy rights authority of any other organisation or institute for our daily updates. Some article may be use for making the meaning of facts, not by harming any personal or organisational care.

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What’s another popular item you have for sale or trade? Talk about it here in glowing, memorable terms so site visitors have to have it.

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Lozaar is combination of Local Bazaar that offers an online platform for local shop located in everywhere,they can update their product advertisement anytime. This advertisement is available in all category according to our terms and condition.

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Our Message

Our purpose, to keep people update via digital media in term of short news and article. Our News or article is written by our own professional authors. Our authors include both traditional and digital message development,creative,production and media placement service. Lozaar team also expert in technology development and integration for all creative campaign executions.



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