How Good This Season Has Been For Indian Cricket Team

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After the win against Australia today at Dharamshala India has retained its No 1 ranking in Test Cricket and  also clinching the series 2-1.

This season 2016-17 has been great for the Indian Cricket Team. It all started from Antigua, West Indies and ended at Dharamshala, India . India won all the series in the season except the T20 against current champion West Indies.

Many teams came to challenge the Indian Team  whether it is Australia or England, no one was successful. Throughout this  season India thrashed everyone who came in their way. Had an unbeatable record of 19 tests which  was eventually broken when Australia beat India at Pune.

Lets examine the whole season:

1.India tour of West Indies  –  India won the Series 2-0

India won the series 2-0 winning the first and third test. The Indians gave some great performances by like Kohli’s 200, Kl Rahul’s 100, Dhawan, Rahane , Umesh Pace, Bhuvi line and length and R Ashwin all around performance who was also the Man of series. India thrashed West Indies 2 NIL despite the fact that India should have won 4-0.

2. New Zealand Tour of India – India Won the Series 3-0

After Windies the next challenge for Kohli and boys was New Zealand. New Zealand were white washed by the men in blue 3-0 in the test series. India won the first, second and third test by 197 runs, 178 runs and 321 runs respectively. The series witnessed some unforgettable performances like Kohli’s another 200, Rahane’s consistancy , Pujara’s, Ashwin 3 fifers and Jadeja cameos. Also the series gave many plus points like Pujara back in form, Fast bowlers pitching up and many more.

3. England Tour of India – India won the series 4-0

After thrashing men in black the english players came in and gave fight which resisted only for a test as India was on top of their game and the thrash the English side by 4-0. The Indians performed exceptionally well and regained the trophy. The series gave us many performances like Karun Nair triple century, Kohli’ 200 , Kl Rahul find , Ashwin dream run, and Jadeja coming out of the shadow of Ashwin. The Man of series was again given to Ashwin for his all around performance. Also during this M.S Dhoni gave his captaincy and a new era of Kohli began.

4. Bangladesh Tour of India – India won the series 1-0

Bangladeshis came to India with a hope to break the unbeatable win streak of but was unsuccessful and were eventually beaten by India by 208 runs. The one off test witnessed Kohli’s run machine and Ashwin and Jadeja deadly combo



5. Australia Tour of India – India won the series 2-1

The Australian came to India with very less hope as Indians were the favourites  for everyone. The Turbinator Harbhajan  Singh said that this was Australia’s weakest team to visit India but despite all the odds Australia stood up and gave India a huge blow by beating India the first test by 333 runs margin. Also breaking India’s unbeatable streak. The Indian Side was really under pressure but Kohli lead the team with an aggressive plan and won the next match. The third test was draw were we witnessed a marathon and disciplined innings from Pujara. The fourth and last game was held at Dharamshala which India won by 8 wickets. Although Kohli missed the last India managed to win the match under Rahane’s captaincy. The series witnessed some memorable performances, whether it be Pujara’s marathon innings or Rahul consistant 50’s , Rahane contribution , Ashwin 5’s , Jadeja Accuracy and Umesh’s pace. India retained it’s top position in the test ranking after winning the series 2-1.

This season has been really hectic for Indian side with very less rest. But the team managed their tempo and gave us many joyous moments.

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