If exit poll is right then BJP can make government in UP in this way.

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What is the meaning of CM Akhilesh’s statement after exit poll and why he is ready to join hands with Mayawati. According to India News and MRC Exit Poll, BJP can get 185 seats. That is, the BJP will be left behind 17 seats, if the BJP and the BSP come together then the government can form 275 legislators. The majority in UP will have to cross the figure of 202.

Exit poll: BJP can feed BJP in 3 states including UP: Kamal, Punjab gets ‘hand’ of Congress

If the Samajwadi Party Congress and the BSP join hands, then with a majority of 210 legislators, the majority will get a majority. There may be a third formula for the formation of a government in UP. BJP and others may try to form government together. But this does not seem to make a majority this time.

In UP, no one will get majority, BJP can get 185 seats.

Even before the counting of votes, the socialist party workers are feeling despair. In Kanpur, SP workers have started worshiping and havan … SP is offering Haj to win with photographs of Akhilesh and Dimple.

Amit Shah’s claim of victory, said – BJP will form government in four states including UP

In the exit poll of India News / Inkhbar, BJP is getting 185 seats while the second largest number of SP-Congress alliance is 120 seats, BSP 90 and others get 8 seats.



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