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Lozaar Is an Online Marketing Website which local bazaar to digital world. It help the local bazaar to grow digitally.

lozaar.com is an innovative website where you will find workers and professionals at your home.


On Offers

Buy any product from your nearby local bazaar on lozaar.com


Now buy product out of your budget at rent

Lozaar Profeesional

Find professional workers at your doorstep

On Offers

We provide a unique platform for the local bazaar to grow / advertise their products digitally at no cost.

The customer can buy from his trusted local shops and find his product at his doorstep


Now you can buys products that are out of your budget at an easy rent method. Pay rent per month and enjoy.

Fridge , TV, Oven , Microwave , Vehicles and many more



Lozaar Professional

Now you don’t have to search the whole market for your desired worker.

Find your desired professional worker at your doorstep.

Electrician, Plumber, Technician, Mechanic, and many more

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What are you waiting for visit our website lozaar.com

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