See what happens! when kapil sharma reaches SRK’s party without invitation. 

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Hahaha U think it is real. yes this is real….

Let’s start

Coffee with karan season 5 is going to end. But we all waiting for its last episode. In coffee with karan Now they invite an actor and comedian who. Think… One and only the Kapil sharma. In this show Kapil shares his journey. The comedy part of kapil Sharma  is also seen in that show. Kapil shares with karan johar that he is not funny in his past life. At college youth  festival he recognize himself that he is good comedian. Karan asks many question to kapil and kapil answers all question in very funny way. In this talk kapil shares a moment related to SRK. Which is very funny. Even U cant stop your laugh. Kapil said that. One time he reaches SRK party without invitation. Actually kapil’s cousin wants to watch SRK house. So both they are went to their house. At that time there was a party in the house the doors were open.

They both go inside, the gaurd recognized him  but gaurd thinks they were invited so they had  to go inside.. When they went inside. Gauri khan also recognized and greeted them. Then later they  told SRK that they are not invited. And they were come. That was funny… And the episode was more funnier. That’s why the fan were waiting for this show…. great chat show with best comedian is like as treat…

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