Take 20 Minutes of Afternoon Power Nap to Boost Your Creativity at Work.

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The hectic lives we live today, there is hardly any time to catch one’s breath, let alone rest for a few minutes. Our daily schedule seems to go on non-stop as we go through running different errands. While we all would love to get a few minutes’ rest, it is not always possible to do so in the middle of the day. Probably this is why the concept of power naps has become popular, where sleeping for even 15-20 minutes can work wonders to kick out the lethargy and make you more alert. According to a new study done by University of Leeds in England, a 20-minute power nap in the afternoon is good as it can boost people/employees’ creativity and problem-solving ability.According to the researchers, power naps could reduce the risks of diabetes, heart problems and depression as well, which are more likely to surface when you do not get enough sleep. Sleep is vital for a person’s good health and well-being. This is the time when your body reboots to start fresh all over again.

“The loss of an hour in bed is particularly detrimental to individuals that already struggle with their sleep,” said lead study author Nerina Ramlakhan. “If you are one of the 25% of the nation that gets less than five hours’ sleep a night, this time change could see you drop down to as little as four hours, which is a dangerously low amount.”

So taking a power nap in the office could actually make a huge difference, suggest researchers. The findings indicated that napping between 2 pm and 4 pm for just 20 minutes nap can show results. Not only will it help the individual rejuvenate, it helps boost creativity, problem solving ability and rebalance the immune system.

“Allowing staff to indulge in a nap during the working day might sound unusual, but considering the country will be losing an hour of sleep over the weekend it’s a fair request,” Nerina Ramlakhan stated.

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