Things Related to periods, Every woman needs to know. 

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When girls move from the childhood to the threshold of youth, there are many changes in physical and mental form. One of these is periods. When every girl enters to puberty  she has to go through periods or menstruation cycle. Menstruation cycle is the regular natural change that occurs in female reproductive system ( specifically the uterus and ovaries. )  that makes pregnancy possible.

The beginning of the periods bring many kind of feelings along with it. Well this is normal procedure for girls. But if there is no correct information about it many problems can rises. The important thing is that to start at  the right age of the period Let’s tell you what the reason is.

The Correct Age For Starting Period Is 9 to 14. ¦~

Exact age for starting period is 9 to 14. This is belive that if the periods start at this age. It is  good not only  for physically but also mentally for a girl. 

If period is not start till the age of 16 it is alarming bells. ¦~

If you are 16 years old and your menstrual cycle is not started yet then you need advice from a skilled doctor.  It is not necessary that this should be a threat but even then the consultation of the  doctor is necessary. Sometimes due to genetic reasons the periods begins to delay but it is wrong to ignore it. 

Weight Also Effects.¦~

At what age do you start the period depends on your weight too heavily? Periods are due to changes in hormones in women’s body and these changes depends on the weight of any girl. Periods of girls whose weight is higher than normal, are started early. 

Early periods can increases the risk of breast  cancer. ¦~

It might seem strange even though hearing but this is true. It has been found in a research that in those girls who begin the period before the age of 12, the risk of  Breast cancer  increases by 20 percent. 

* One  Research has revealed that those girls who have started 10years before or after 16-17years found to  have heart problems. High Blood Pressure problem. 27% more than normal women. 

You can go doctor’s advice in these symptoms :
If you have stopped after a period or there was too much bleeding during the period. If there is bleeding between two period cycles then it is essential to consult the doctor immediate. 

* It is important that before the girls enters this age she should have full knowledge about the periods she should know what the periods are, and as a girl, today or tommorow she will have to go through this process. 

Common symptoms are acne, tender breasts, feeling tired, irritability and mood changes. 

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