VHP says,There is No Babri Masji Anywhere in India

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A VHP leader said that a bill should be passed in Parliament to pave way for construction of Ram temple.

With the Supreme Court suggesting that the Ram Janmabhoomi be settled amicably through out of court negotiations, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad has said that they would not let Babur’s mosque to be constructed anywhere in the country.

The TOI quoted Bajrang Dal’s UP state convenor Balraj Dungar as saying that Babur looted India and carried out religious conversions, so there cannot be a Mosque in his name. He said that Bajrang Dal, which is a youth wing of VHP, is not against Muslims, adding that they can construct a mosque anywhere ‘outside the 84-kosi parikrama of Ayodhya’. VHP state media spokesperson Sheelendra Chauhan said that SC’s suggestion of out of court settlement of the issue was fine but other parties will not agree. Even Chauhan remained adamant about not allowing a Mosque to be constructed within ’84-kosi parikrama of Ayodhya’. He said that there is now a ‘Hindu government’ at the Centre and called for a bill to be passed in Parliament to pave way for Ram temple. The Supreme Court on Tuesday observed that fresh attempts for an out of court settlement of the Ram Janm Bhoomi issue should be made. The SC said that both parties part of the dispute must make fresh attempts for a negotiated settlement.

The bench headed by the Chief Justice J S Khehar said that these are sensitive matters. “It is best that such matters are negotiated,” the court held.

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