When questioning to katappa why he killed Bahubali. So he replies that statement you dont trust! . 

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Everyone waiting for Bahubali – The Conclusion 2. This film were releases around 28 April. And the craze is going day by day. In this FILM Approx 30 Million rupees  was spent on the climax .so the ending can changed if necessary . since then, when Bahubali   was released. It is big issue for everyone who killed Bahubali? and also why did kathappa kill Bahubali? 
In an interview satyaj who played kathappa role in movie says that he knows that kathappa’s  character would get popular. But they does not have idea that it would be very fame. During that interview he told that he knows every joke made on kathappa. And he also enjoyed that. All of you are aware of this that many memes of kathappa were being viral on digital and virtual media. The trailer of Bahubali 2 was coming this month and this will get a little hint on why kathappa has  killed Bahubali. 

It is believed that this time  no one knows why kathappa killed Bahubali. The story is that to save the Secret of ‘Bahubali’, the director  SS Rajamoula has shot four climaxs and will go to one of these films. That’s mean till now it was not completely decided who kills Bahubali. 

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